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  • Right gotcha. Now I understand, thanks.
  • Well, I can’t control people’s bad typing, but the way it works is, you can send a message to any Member that’s logged into the Site on that list next to the Main Room to join the Chat. But that doesn’t happen as much anymore, there used to be at least 10 Members chatting at each other at all times of the day & night? Nowadays we play a name game, or a numbers game & post stuff we think other people should know about on it. So you can say it’s turn into a Bulletin board, which is still kool? 

  • Thanks BrianQ, all I ever see is a couple of words from a person that do not make any sense to me. Seems far better to me to do as we are now.

  • The Main Room is the Members’ Chat Room? Try it sometime, there’s hardly any action there anymore?

  • Hi, don't forget people also post on videos and pics, a host of groups and something I have never understood, Main Room. Information is spread far and wide.
  • Yea, lots of members ask questions & give feedback in the Forum, but a Blog post is to either show off your build and/or document your process of whatever was built? Also a Blog is used to slide some knowledge on to members who are interested in learning new things? And like Pick said, you can choose to moderate comments by approving them before they’re posted to the Blog?

  •  Basically,   A Blog is you  on your stage  ... A Fourm is open mic night on a bar's stage .

    You have more control over answers  and posts on  your  BLOG  , ( I believe you can moderate them,  accept ,  and / or  delete  if you wish ) . and even turn comments off .

    I  also believe you can post much longer posts and more pics etc .. )

    hence many use  A BLOG  for " build progress  updates"  types of  posts . adding to it now and then .

    But this site changes all the time . so , some functions may not still be in effect . 


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