Spicer, MN


November 28

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  • hello mike,just getting back to ya about the walnut,did you send it to tennessee?i havent seen it yet,just wondering if you got a tennessee address or a texas address.i was in texas for a short while but i am back in tennessee now and somehow i did not get an answer from ya when i asked if you were sending it to tennessee.just checking back with ya.

  • hello mike i am not quite sure i follow,but i seem to remember you talking about getting some wood one time and you wanted to share.----the address you found,is it tennessee?

  • Hi Mike!   Oddly, I just found out about you on the Handmade Music Clubhouse Member Map.   I was surprised to see another Minnesota guy that I didn't know about.   I know there's a few around the Mpls area and I've talked to Dave Lynus over in the Duluth area a few times but you are the first to crop up in central MN.   I'm by Verndale, (Wadena area) right about in the middle of the state.  I haven't really done anything in the Handmade Music clubhouse yet besides join, so I came back to CBN and found your page.

    Anyway, welcome to the madness....I mean hobby, club, obsession!    Nice to know there's others in central MN with the same interest as me!   Maybe we can get together and jam/compare notes some day.   JP

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