Hey everybody

I just joined. I live in Lake Delton, WI (although my address is in Baraboo for some reason). Grew up in southern MN, lived in Madison for a long time. I finished my first CBG last week and I have two more started. I have a ton of technical questions but I just wanted to say hi for now.

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  • Hi Ryan,

         I'm pretty new to the CBG world - I am in New Richmond, Wi and purchased a CBG a couple months ago. About to start my first CBG build too. Pretty sure i have all the parts I need for the first one anyways... Made my first amp a few weeks ago.

    Best Wishes!


  • Hey Ryan!  I'm not far from you and live up in the Mpls/St. Paul area. Maplewood actually.  I'm new to this site also and learning a lot. Post up a couple photos of your build. I'd love to see it!

  • Happy building. There are lots of people here who help you. If you have questions just search keywords in the forums. Just about every thing has been discussed at one time or another
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