Shops selling 'Local Art'

I live in western North Carolina, near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There are shops in several mountain towns which cater to tourists. Some specialize in 'local art'. I have consigned instruments to about 5, and all have sold some. They think I'm an artist. [Please don't tell them!] Most dealers need a 25%-40% commission when something sells. I like that I don't have to deal with the public, I only have to forge a relationship with the dealers. I like that I don't have to do events [paying entry fees, schlepping the stuff, setup and tear-down]. Its pretty informal although one dealer supplies me with a 1099 each year, impacting my taxes. The dealers like that they don't have any cost of goods as its a consignment deal. Typically I try to consign 3 instruments per location so they have a bit of variety without being overwhelming. I tried an antique shop but that didn't produce any sales. If you have similar shops in your area, give it a go. :-) 

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