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Hello fellow CBGers,  I have made close to 15 CBG's , acoustic, acoustic/electric and electric. I have sold 2 acoustic/electric's(one with preamp), and 2 electrics so far. I havn't done a show/market and really don't want to. 2 were sold a place I worked at and the other 2 were sold online. Pricing seems to be the most difficult part of the process. I compare my guitars to others selling online, build quality, type and demographics come into play. I think major cities can demand more $ due to a larger market although competition can drive that price down. Out in the sticks it's tougher to sell them. That's where I am. I believe I am fair in the market value  for the area I am in. I am considering selling by consignment through a music store but that may chew into what I consider a small profit range already. Just my thoughts. I love to build these instruments in my little shop. Keeps my retirement hobbies active.

Cheers, Robbie

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  • Hey Robbie , I'm just down the highway from ya . I sell worldwide . 99.999% of sales my are to the U.S . Many of my sales originate from this site right here.  Don't think builders won't buy other builders stuff , it happens all the time here.  Post those pics and videos  of your guitars here , I believe you are missing out on a great opportunity , for sales , exposure , and plain ol fun ;-) And by the looks of your screaming skull guitar ,,,, we may be missing out on some great stuff  too ;-)


    • Thank you for the compliment and direction.!!

    • ;-)

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