Finding red oak/poplar/maple in norway

I moved to bergen, norway a few months ago and have had a hard time finding wood for necks. When i lived in boston i could just go to home depot and get oak and poplar at the right size but here it doesnt work like that. What people around these parts do? Ship wood over?

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  • Hey I'm from Boston and live in Haugesund, there's a few other Bostonians here. About the wood, I have problems finding what I need also, I was surprised that fine hardwoods would be difficult to source here.

  • Well Im not that worried about gelting hold of fancy Woods and things, dont have the patience. So I use whatever I Can get my hands on locally. Recent mandolin build included, 4 tarp eyelets, a mini CB From the local supermarket, 4 old banjo tension pegs, a knob, a pot, a bug, a bit of pine, and a laminated floorboard offcut. Most expensive part was the fretwire- still havent found a cheap alternative :( For my sake, it doesnt have to be pretty, just has to Sound good:)
  • Same thing in Finland.Cant find hard wood.So I use tar alder on neck.Cheap and works well on frettles neck.
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