Low $ substitute for banjo face?

Is there something common that could be employed for a drum skin or banjo face?

My near empty dogfood bag was noisy the other day when I moved it...  I'll try it when I can figger an ez method to tension it over a hoop.

I suppose tyvek would be too soft???

Any ideas???




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  • I discovered a new to me source!

    A friend gave me the plastic domed container a pumpkin pie and a cake came in, from the market.

    I'll cut out disks from them, fasten to a frame with epoxy, then try the heat method to tighten it up.

    I'll post pics when I get back to that project!


    • Thanks bug!

      I went to your link and the meica roses pot funnel sounds GREAT!

      Probably even better than I was hoping for.

      ....bbbut what IS this 'meica' stuff????

      and where would I get some?

      Is it something on the back shelf in a flower shoppe?

      ( I can hold up the fence pretty well but I ain't real smart !  :-)  )



  • This guy uses a plastic drink bottle: http://www.homemadebanjo.org.uk/


    Hey, Bug -- I couln't find anything about Meica; can you give us a little more info? As for Tyvek, I think it might be worth a try. Seems like it might be able to be glued around a round hoop or banjo pot fairly easily. Getting it tight enough might be tricky, though. I know that faux-calfskin drum and banjo heads are made with Tyvek glued to Mylar...

  • This guy uses mailing tape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97EfvhFgRBY

  • Hi
    See my meica roses pot banjo
    For ideas
    Meica works.
    Strong and thin and doesn't need tentioning.
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