New kinda Old Boy from Scotland

Hi All, learning all the time already. Just posted an intro already but no idea where to.

Anyway, about halfway through my first box build and already thinking what I’m gonna change for build 2 then I’ll probably think on tweaks for 3 then 4 etc, etc.

Great to be here, looks like a cool place with plenty info and helpful stuff. Hoping to learn plenty bits and pieces from all the experts on here and am just gonna head over to another section to ask the first of many questions.

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  • Lots of info and ideas in "The Essential Pages" on the right of the screen.

    Building comes to your mind over time. You'll find yourself seeing odd things or the usual things around you and think to yourself, "that would make a good guitar". LOL

    Just remember to click on the HTML Editor on the top right of your window when posting, Visual Mode stopped working awhile back.

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