Hello from Los Angeles

Hello Everyone!

Just finished putting together my first CBG.

It was a Pure and Simple kit from C.B Gitty, you know the one.

My co worker has been talking about his scratch builds for awhile and finally brought 

his in and played it for us, It was amazing.

So here I go with another instrument.

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  • Rodger,

    I started with the same kit. Added a piezo and a skull volume knob. Sounds good. I've gone on and built a few since.

    Have fun with it and welcome to the Nation

  • Decorate it and make it yours or even paint it. Whatever scratches your itch.

    Some like the round piezo a lot. I prefer the rod piezo, less unwanted noise and better acoustic sound in my opinion. It's best to test both to find out what you like most. Have fun with it.

  • Thank you Paul, it looks bland to me.

    And monochromatic.

    But it sounds pretty good and its fun to play.

    I'm ordering some shiny bits from CB Gitty; Box corners, hole covers, and a piazo pick up.

    Already looking for materials for build #2 which will be scratch.

  • Looks great and welcome Rodger.

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