Ruby Amp

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Updated Layout:

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  • Thank you Paul, BrianQ. Looks like I'll be checking the music shops online and off.

  • That’s why it’s good to stay with “branded” wall warts, they’re actually made for musical applications? Those “general purpose” wall warts aren’t known to have high/low frequency noise filters.

  •  Thanks BrianQ. That's pretty much what I had theorized, but I really don't want to let the magic smoke out, so, I tend to ask obvious questions. I found a long time ago, with me anyway, that being presumptuous in anything can be costly. (grinning)

     I really appreciate it.


  • Wall warts for stompboxes/mini amps are between 200ma-500ma. Why, because 9V batteries are around the same specs?  Look for Roland,Boss, DOD,Danelectro,Dunlop 9v power adapters, there’s a lot of info about them out there. those I mentioned above have been workhorses of the industry for decades? Look at sweetwater or musicians friend 

    • I'll add that those cheap brand walwarts can add a lot of noise and sometimes oscillation sounds to your amp or pedal. So sometimes that old saying that you get what you pay for can be very true. I guess those cheaper brands are skipping the filters that keep those issues at bay. So be careful when shopping for those walwarts.

  • Another update I’ll do down the line is, adding  “External power” to it? 

    • Sounds great to me. I spent three hours yesterday alone trying to figure out how many milliamps a LM386 wall wart should provide. I would appreciate it greatly!

  • Thank you, thank you gentlemen! This is getting very exciting for me. Kinda like when I started building CBGs. Things are really beginning to "click".

    Thank each and every one of you!


  • Ray you might want to try a kit first, seeing it in person helps a lot. While not a Ruby or any other name, these work ok and having a marked board makes it a lot easier. Just a couple bucks on eBay, I have seen them other places too. I switched the headphone jack to a instrument jack. Also I have another one that I want to swap some components to be closer to the guitar amps, hopefully get to it someday.


    • It might be easier to buy and put together for a beginner, but they aren't a Ruby Amp. It's not just a difference of name, it's a difference of components, component values and schematic/layout. Those shown only have a volume pot instead of a Volume and gain pot like the Ruby has. They will not sound the same.

      I think the layouts that BrianQ has provided are simple enough for most people to follow and the exact parts are easy to find at several websites for little enough money.

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