• I just want to let everyone know that you can build the Stripboard layout exactly onto a Breadboard?

  • That one is a mashup of 3 different schematics of amps and distortion effect and need a little fix in the output circuit to clean it up a little. It gets a little too nasty.

    • I can like it kinda nasty. Ever hear of Junior Kimbrough? I LOVE the tone he gets from his guitar in the album "All Night Long". That guitar gets REAL nasty.

  • Thanx Paul.  Yea, I specified using the N3 mainly because it’s the half watt version. And the correct wattage for the Smokey. but upon my search of the web, the N1 & N2 were more readily available than the others? Have you ever heard of gain stacking IC chips, Paul? You just plug another chip on top of the other, almost like a darlington pair? Double trouble! Try it sometime? Also, some background on the LM386, its function was really created for driving low wattage headphones, it wasn’t meant for busking a 4 x 12 cab full o’ blues like we do? So those lower wattage ones are better for headphone & mp3 type amps, where they’re used for amplifying pre-recorded music? Hopefully I’ll get around to posting the next chapter before the seasons change :)

    • I did bridge 2 chips for a Dual Ruby Amp.

    • I've eyeballed those schematics of your a few times. I am intrigued. I just might try that one some day after a lot of practice.

  • You did a great job on those layouts Brian.

    At first I did say a bit more, but I'm not doing it again. I will say that some of the N1 chips that I bought didn't last long. I replaced them with N3 chips and all was well, besides, they have more output.

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