DIY Spring Reverb

I've just built my first CB amp.  It's a simple 2.5 watt Artec circuit w no reverb.  I recently saw a pic on here of a CB guitar with springs literally mounted inside the body of the guitar to give a reverb affect.  I'm curious if this same idea would work in an amp.  No circuit or electronic control, just literally a spring or two mounted inside the amp cabinet.  Maybe drill a couple sound holes in the front of the amp to let the reverb ring out a bit.  Has anyone here tried this before?  Is it worthwhile to do?  Thanks!

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  • Yeah i figured a guitar would vibrate the springs naturally. I thought maybe the speaker would vibrate them enough as well but probably not it seems. Thanks.
    • Maybe if the speaker was mounted on a plate/baffle with spring mounts like a plate reverb is made?

    • If it did work like that, it would be constant without control though.

  • The springs in the guitar box vibrate because of the string vibrations. All spring reverb units in amps have a strong preamp or tube to activate the spring vibrations for Reverb effect. I tried to activate spring reverb with round piezos recently, but it just wasn't strong enough.

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