• Thanks to your introducing these amp units to our group, I get to build a cabinet for one. I think Jon ordered 5 kits for our club. Thanks for the pictures here, it was a good reminder. I have only built a CBG box amp/speaker with a "Gitty" kit one before, this will be totally different. Was there a way to make it battery powered?

  • As a newbie I think it sounds good. No real hum/his unless the volume is dimed and then you get fairly nice/loud overdrive when you play. Good for practicing or playing with friends.
  • I looked at the schematic and layout, it looks like many of the small guitar practice amps that you get when buying a starter package.

    I have a 4watt guitar amp that I found on the side of the road that is similar with a First Act label on it. It works, just had a small 4" speaker that sounded like a**. People will throw them away or sell on ebay/craigslist when they get a better amp. They work fine, they just need a decent speaker. I converted mine for guitar or bass/acoustic use by putting the input capacitor on a 2-way switch with a .1uf cap on the other side for bass. I use another speaker for guitar and a subwoofer out of a home surround system for bass or acoustic wired on another 2-way switch. It works great with my CBG's and is loud enough in the music room for my bass.

    • I have a Smokey LM386 amp and it has zero head room. I have a scratch built Fender Deluxe Reverb inspired amp built by a friend that sounds absolutely fantastic but it's a bit heavy and I'm reluctant to drag my baby out into dangerous wilds :-) The Footnote Amp is a really nice intermediate step; relatively light, ok volume, good features, and the possibility of battery power.
  • SKB Footnote Amp. Eminance 6.5" guitar speaker with grill and trim ring, EQ-treble and bass, aux in, speaker out, line out, headphone out, power supply, $30
    • Nice looking amp and Eminance makes great speakers. Good to see someone using bigger speakers, not a fan of small speakers.

    • Thanks, it's not exactly cigar box but it should be good and sturdy. I really liked the fact that the kit came with a real speaker. The interesting thing is that it was originally made for a pedal board with a built in amp. In fact it was powered by 6 D batteries so I could power my amp with batteries. Very similar to a Pig Nose with more features.
  • More photos


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