Quilted Walnut??

Hi all, new to the group and to wood in general. Always took it for granted since I was never crafting anything from it, until now. I recently picked up a 6 foot 1x4 of walnut from Menards awhile back. Took it home and resawed it and cut it down to appropriate sizes and stowed it away. Anyhow, pulled this piece out this week for a build and the "coloring" (I don't think it is the grain, is it?) is really nice. Is this what is refered to as "quilted" wood? Did I mistakenly do something right when I resawed it? Or did I just strike lucky on my wood selection? At any rate, I don't know what I got or how I got it, but I like how it is turning out!


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  • Looks great.  My guess is you got very lucky with the resaw.  Cool.  Just a suggestion, there looks to be a lot of grain runout on this.  My suspicion would be that it would be of very little use for load bearing.  Example, as an unsupported neck, I would expect that thing to move all over all the time under tension.  Maybe use a truss rod, a backer board, or as a fret board?  It's a great looking stick.

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