American Chestnut

Hey Folks,

I may have found a source for some old resawn american chestnut. Has anyone worked with this wood before? looking to make some necks or fretboards out of this stuff. I haven't seen the wood yet so I thought I would get your opinions.



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  • Yes I have a small stockpile of chestnut and I love this wood.  As you know a blight killed all American chestnut in the 1930,s  but there is a supply in old barns, buildings ect.  The wood I have my grandfather recycled from the paneling from a bar in the early 50,s.  Yea I come from a long line of wood scroungers and hoarders.  Chestnut is similar in color and grain pattern with oak.  But the grain is tighter and the wood is lighter in weight.  It machines very well and holds crisp lines.  All in all it is a pleasure to work with and appealing. In my humble opinion it would make great CBG necks or just about any other woodworking furniture project. 

  • I looked it up and did some research. In general, it's use was for post, beams, furniture and picture frames. It's become more rare but can be purchased as reclaimed and some new. Anyway, if you got a deal on lumber, you have to at least give it a shot and post your results.

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