High G problem

On one of my fretted builds I’ve noticed that when I pick the high G string, and let it ring, I seem to be getting a harmonic sound as the initial note declines which is off putting. Any suggestions?

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  • Hi, try a plain string.


  • Thanks for your response. I use threaded bolts for both nut and bridge. I suppose I could deepen the thread with a file. The string itself is wound.

  • Michael, I agree with Taffy's feedback. One other quick troubleshooting check is to use something metallic (like the edge of a metal ruler, a nail, etc) and place it on the string just ahead of the saddle, then pluck the string. If the buzz is being created in the saddle, it should go away as long as you are touching the string in front of the saddle. Don't apply too much pressure there or you could create an unintended fret buzz.
  • Hi, if it does not happen when you fret the string I would suspect the string slot in the nut. If it does happen when fretted I would suspect the saddle. Slots are best lower than the top of the string. Saddles that are flat on top can cause buzzing, as can a high fret.

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