Help please re Bento Box Uke "nut"

Hi, newbie on the site, joined to ask this question. I've built a dozen CBGs/lunchbox guitars from scratch with bone/corian nuts, and I've been tasked to put two Gitty kits together to see if they'll work for our kids. This one's got me stymied - if this is the nut that goes with the Bento Box Uke kit, how do you use it? Strings through the holes, lop off the narrow part to access the slots, or....? Gittylele instructions are packaged w/ the Bento Box Uke. Ostensibly the build's the same with different tops, but this doesn't seem to resemble the Gittylele nut, can't find this covered in the stringing directions, and I need to connect some dots. Timing the build from beginning-to-end for possible class use, so want to be accurate  (If this isn't the nut, then I'm missing a nut and don't know what this is, LOL.) TIA!  

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  • Looking at it without the tuners, it would seem that way. But, with the tuners installed, the string holes are actually lower than the guide holes, so it does have downward pressure on the string guide? I think the angle of the pic is fooling your eyes, I’ll confess to taking a crappy picture & ask your forgiveness  :) 

  • Hi, this system I imagine is due to the tuner post being higher or as high as the fingerboard. It will I think put upward pressure on the spacer from the strings so secure it well. A slotted spacer would have downward pressure holding it firm.

  • Grateful to all of you and Customer Service. Their answer, which corresponds with yours:
    "The slotted nut has been replaced by the retainer. Lay that flush against the edge of the fretboard...
    You fit the strings through the slots before you wind around the [tuners]. This will provided tension for the strings to remain securely on the Zero Fret."

  •  That's what I'm talking about. Thanks, BQ.


  • Here’s a better pic with the whole headstock,I didn’t add the other piece cuz I was showing where the guide was supposed to be positioned? 


  • Thanks again, Taff! Thank you, Brian - just deleted everything. I did try to reach cust serv last week but think they were out on Fri. Also tried FB. You've all been great - when I get an answer will let you all know.

    Gonna take me awhile to get the hang of this. Best to all.

  • Hi agian, it may be the camera angle, but in BQs photo of the nut spacer the holes look too high. Keep in mind that they also need to allow downward pressure of the strings onto the zero fret giving a break angle to prevent buzzing. Just a thought. Apologies if I'm wrong.

  • Here’s what instructions in mine say about it?


    FYI- it’s best to contact CBGITTY support directly, they have somebody that takes care of kits who will walk you through any problems? Looks like yours came with wrong instructions? :)

  • Eeeeeee - Taff nailed it - thanks also TAP and BrianQ. I really could use a visual of how this is supposed to go. Haven't done a zero fret design yet, don't want to guess. My comment for the suggestion box would be for a dedicated set of instructions for Bento Box Uke, please!

  • yup BQ . lol.. I just realized that ,  but thanks for the assist . ;-)

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