Fretless fret markers

When I have built my previous fretless cbgs I have burned the fret line into my necks. I’m about to start a new build using a very dark wood for my fretboard. I would like to score the fret lines in and then fill them with a brass powder. Has anyone had experience in doing this and could offer advice regarding choice of adhesive and best method?

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  • I see there's still posting problems....

    Anyway, I suggested zip ties on edge. Lots of colors and sandable.

  • Hi, that's a good move. There is Gel-type CA glue that has a slower set time so maybe even mixing the brass powder into a paste and applying it to the slot might work.
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    • I’ve seen that method suggested using resin, but it sounds too messy for my liking, possibly ok for fret position dots.

  • Thanks Taffy, I’ll have to practice on some off cuts, don’t want to ruin a good piece of wood.

  • Hi again, just thought of another way. I normally inlay timber in a bass neck when making it fretless, soo.
    I could use thin brass strips, sold at hobby-type outlets or online.

    Again thin saw cut - a thin bead of glue - push in the brass strip - sand it flat. However, brass may tarnish over time and be less visible than it was at first.
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  • Hi Michael, what a great idea. I have not tried it but this is what I would do/try:

    I would use a thin saw cut rather than a score mark.
    Run in the brass material
    Flow a layer of CA glue
    When dry, level off the filled slots to the fingerboard.
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  • Ask Randy Bretz, he does it quite often?

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