Aluminum License Plate

 Im trying to find out if Ghosting  a gitty bucker to the underside of an aluminum Plate would work? Does it have to be steel? Ive got this really cool MOTHMAN plate that I dont want to mess up..Any help out there would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance

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  • Video:

    • Brian. Larry Sobol here. Thanks for the link to the Video. Just found Mike Simpson to thank him as well.New to the site and still trying to figure out how to navigate around, create a page , and post pics. I will figure it out in due time. Thanks again!

  • Larry, good news, pretty much all modern license plates are aluminum. And yes you can ghost a Gittybucker up to 1/2” away from the strings? Put a strip of thin tape on the underside of the plate where the pickup will be just to be on the safe side? Also, there’s a video of Shane Speal ghosting a Gittybucker on YouTube, maybe worth a few tips? Good luck on your build :)


    • Mike. Larry Sobol here.  Thanks for the tips yesterday. Sorry for the slow response but Im new here and still trying to figure out how to navigate around the site, post pics, and create a page. A second beer may bring things into focus. Now I have to find Brian Q to thank him as well. Thanks Again. Much appreciated !

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