CBU Avo Uvezian Tenor Uke

Avo Uvezian box, these are a cool box with music notes embossed in them.  Music note sound hole, laminated neck sort of violin style, piece of flooring made into the fretboard, mandolin tuners, ebay bone nut and bridge.  Way too many hours spent on the neck and sound hole!  Nice mellow tone and about half the volume of a “real” uke.  Has to be my most unique build yet, tried lots of new things which is one of my goals for each new build.  I ended up gluing a piece of wood to support the thin area I made at the sound hole as I had fear of it breaking off.  After this one I plan to do a couple more simple builds next.

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  • Wow, love the head design!
    Awesome all the way around!!
  • Sick headstock

  • Nice work. Love the headstock.

  • Very nice! I love the headstock. Just wondering; my ebay bridge and saddle came with a very loose saddle. With the piezo under the saddle I had to wedge a couple of small washers in to hold the saddle. Do you think I just got the wrong saddle, or is a sloppy fit normal with these?

    • I did not use a piezo but the bone piece was too tight, I had to file the sides of the slot a little bit to get a nice fit.  I would think needing washers would say it was too loose.

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