Bass ukulele

First bass ukulele build.  Ran into a few problems but all in all I think it came out well and sounds good both acoustic and plugged in.  Pretty weird getting use to playing though.

Anyone else out there building a bass uke?  Suggestions for future builds. 

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  • I can't seem to get the parts for it. Looks great though!

  • Hey Terry,  Glad to find someone else that is building U-basses, especially a cigar box bass.  I've just finished my 3rd U-Bass.  My first two were solid bodied, tenor sized with a neck through design.  My last was with a cigar box and I am especially pleased.  Got some string buzz on the 1st fret of the E and A strings that may require a new nut, but I'm not completely sure if that will correct it.

    What did you use for tuning machines?  I've used the Hipshot tuners from Kala on all mine so far, but I think I might have something else figured out for the next one.  $20/tuner is just a bit too much!

  • I finished one in November. Sounds pretty good. Haven't put the pickup on it yet. Used classical guitar strings (E-A-D-G). I've since replaced the saddle bolt with a bone one...thought it might wear on the one unwound nylon string. Tuned with "low G" tuning G-C-E-A and down an octave.

    • I thought about doing that with the strings but after playing a Kala Ubass I decided to use the Thundergut strings.  A little more pricey but thought I would try them out.  

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