• I'll see what I can do, I don't know if a 9th chord will sound any good on a 3 or 4 stringer,

    I'll play around with it, I know the song well.

    • Brian,

      Sent ya a friend request on here so I can talk to ya somethin' for ya.


    • Howdy's been a while pardner....I've been away awhile with work, but now I'm back.

      I hope all is well with y'all.

      Any chance you might have had some luck with coming up with the TAB for "Stormy Monday Blues"?

      (see conversation string above)



    • I didn't really like how it sounded on a cbg,it's better played with 6 strings.kinda hard to express those intracate chords on a 3 stringer.

    • That's awright, pardner, ya have given us quite a bit on here already and we appreciate it.


  • Another nice job, pardner....thank ya Brian for doing this for the group.

    Any chance ya might take a request?

    How 'bout tryin' a BLUES tune...."Stormy Monday Blues".

    Here is how it is done on a 6-stranger:

    and another one....

    Thank ya....


    Here is how they do it on a 6-stranger (Jump to the 7:18 spot on the video to here the entire song):


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