not technicaly a banjo, but banjo-ish


I have been making strinnged instruments with a round body, 1-3 strings and a fretless neck, one played with slide, one with slide or fingers and an (upright) bass thats "fretted" with fingers and hit with a drum stick instead of plucking or strumming (see pictures)

I don't know how to call them, they kinda look like a banjo, but have a hubcap, 'lil traffic sign, and a bucket as resonator, instead of a drum... i'd like to call them "thrash banjo's", but not shure if that is accurate

I'd like to hear your opinions about the subject, since you are the Banjo People, thanks




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  • Cool instruments Iain.  I was thinking about this recently when I made a 3 string.  It's round, has a skin head, so I figure it qualifies as a banjo.  The hubcap and the traffic sign scream banjo to me, the upright maybe not so much.  I'd be tempted to call that something like a "gutbucket", but I like the term thrash banjo too.  I really think it depends on how you approach playing them more than the looks or design. 

    Bottom line:  If you say it's a banjo, then it's a banjo ;)

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