• the pye record player amp's feed two 3 ohm speaker's in parallel, which seem's a strange setup to me, but it obviously worked ok, think the amp would still push a 4 ohm speaker,?

    morgan jones has a few book's out, and a new one is coming out in october, just debating which one to buy,

    another quick question, i've a speaker that read's 8 1/2 ohm's, now my 4 and 8 ohm speaker's read just under these value's ie about 3 and 6 ohm's, so is this a 10 ohm speaker,?
    • A new Morgan Jones book you say. Nice result on the amp inspires me to get out the box of parts for my own Champ build, first to clean the shed.

    • there can never be too many champ's, start a thread so we can see your progress,  

      clean the shed, i know what you mean, i've got to move all this out of the way before i can start soldering,



    • Will do, just have to finish a LP and set up my son's tele. Your shed beats mine, just.

    • have'nt made an amp for a while, too busy, so i decided to make another 5c1 type thing, re-claimed transformer's, old maplin's s/s amp cab and chassis, and an old dress for the speaker cloth, i think it look's 1960' ish, old celestion speaker in place of the generic one that was fitted, it had a hole in it anyway,







    • well, eventually finished it, that took a while, busy with other thing's,

      only problem is i've the dreded 60hz hum, but when i plug the guitar in the hum nearly disappear's, anyone have any idea what's going on, ??

    • hey hermit,

      did you get a fix?

      dodgy input jack, not earthing when you unplug?


    • yes, fixed it, had it wired like this first,



      realised i had the vol & input wire's crossing the s/s rectifier, moved the s/s rectifier over to near the HT transformer, like this, and everything was ok,




    • Solid bit of kit, how many can stand on it?

    • ^^^

      you could probably rest a car on it, it's glued & screwed together, and it's just the right height to sit on,

      just in case you have'nt noticed the volume knob goes to 78,!!!


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