• Here is, I hope, a sound clip of this guitar.
    Something I made up as I went along, just one take. Sorry about that.

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    • Finally found the headset I had tucked away (for some reason). After charging it I was able to listen to your "sample". Nice six-minute-plus demo of the new guitar. It sounds very good. Tone is great and your right thumb keeps the beat right on time. Very nice.

      Thanks for taking the time to record it and then upload it.

      Tom T

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  • Hi Tom, appreciate the nice comments, thanks. It's not all that heavy really, just a bit awkward to rest on the knee to play. I have scolloped out the end of the fingerboard cos that's where my thumb likes to place itself when picking, and I will fit an armrest to make things more comfortable.

    The scale is still 25" but moved the nut north so as to have a better position for the bridge. That meant a longer neck and fingerboard. Normal guitar fretting using GDG tuning. I will do a sound test tomorrow.
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    • The longer neck looks correct for a banjo-like appearance. It also gives you more octaves available to fret. I have gone to "long-neck" on most builds just to get my hand (slide) up to the 24th fret and a bit beyond.

      Great looking build.

  • Beautiful craftsmanship (as always).

    It looks like it could weight a bit, but not Les Paul heavy.

    What scale length did you go for?

    How did you decide to tune it? I assume it is a chromatic scale?

    An any case, fine build. When are you posting audio clips?

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