Something I have never seen discussed on this forum (maybe I'm in the wrong place) is the use of guitar backing tracks to accompany your CBG playing.

I don't have any other players near me and after playing solo three string slide for a good while I wanted to find a way to do a better (fuller) way to cover some of my favorite songs.

I checked YouTube and some dedicated guitar track sites and found a ton of great sounding backing tracks that are designed to allow a lead guitarist to play along. Obviously they come in any and all keys and sometimes the song I want to play is not in a key I am tuned for. Sometimes, I re-tune but a lot of times, I just load the track in Audacity and use the Change-Pitch effect to change the key of the track to one I like better.

The great thing I found about tracks is that a three string slider tuned to the correct key can add a lot to the sound of the track.

Is anyone else using tracks to any great extent?

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  • My wife and I use videos and other media to add a little fun to playing sometimes. We are trying to teach ourselves how to use a Roland BR-600 recorder, but it's challenging to figure out. Once we do that, we can make our own backing tracks.

  • Hi Tom T, yes I use them a the time, almost daily. I have 50 or more all in different keys and with difference phrasing, chord progressions and tempo's. Also instead of retuning or converting the pitch, I find them good for learning to play songs in different positions on the neck. Like playing a song that's in 'E' with a "D' tuning for example.


    •  Taffy, I somehow missed your post here, but yes, my wife is good at playing in different positions. It gives me a headache. Still working on it. (grin)

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