This is not a contest there is no prizes no winner no loser hopefully a few laughs.    


#1 Post a pic of your ugliest homemade instrument. Or oddest.

Please post the picture in the comment so people don't have to open the file

Here my Squidzilla 


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  • A stranger on the train see this and said "what the hell is that! It's only got one string!"
    Simple things my friend


  • I was on the train with this and someone said "what the hell is that! What a strange little instrument!"
    I always thought it was kinda pretty in its own way, even if it is made from a broom stick and a broken chocolate box


    • Not ugly

  • Also would you say this string height was a bit ugly?

    • pulls a full octave sharp when you fret it.

  • This one wasn't mine I just saw reminds,me of someone?

    Bug Guitar?

  • Poo Stick Washingup Bowl Resonator

    did you say ugly?

    • Why chuck it away when you can recycle it...? ..

      • Yep that is ugly

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