Just built another 4 String and thought for the first time I would tune it D G B E  ie the top four strings of a 6 string. Nearly there and Bang went the 3 rd string. The others felt a bit tight. si I Changed them from Medium Gauge to Light Gauge. Tuning up  Bang went the top string. 

Any suggestions please. ?

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  • First what is your bridge and nut materials? Is there anything that could be sharp there.

    What are the gauges of each string? Is your third two light to be tuned to a B?

    Are you using a tuner or a recorded song to tune with?

    • Needed to comment on this as in over 150 builds this has never happened before. So I don't need to check the basics. I use a Tuning App on my phone. Thought at first I was trying to tune an octave too high but I ain't.

    • This is what it looks like

      4 3.jpg

      4 1.jpg

      4 2.jpg

    • Hi Tony, with respect  I'd recon always check the basics other wise how do you find the cause of the problem. Process of elimination.

      I can only suggest checking the basics as I think that's where the problem lies.

      If the string is breaking at one of it's contact points, and there are a few, that helps pinpoint the area needing attention. If all ok, I would suspect a bad batch of strings. I have experienced this over many years of doing instrument repairs.

      If cheap eBay strings are used I'd be having a close look at them. And are the strings you are using also D G B E from the 6 string set. I have found that if a string is gonna break in a new set its always the "G".

      Contact points would be: Tuner post hole, string trees, nut, bridge/saddle and tail piece. Sometimes coupled with a steep break angle.


    • Hi Tony, just wondering what  /how you fixed your tuning problem? may help other builders in the future.

      Cheers Taff

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