Sorry no new CBGs to show, but here is a collection of resonator guitars I have built over the years. One is a left-handed acoustic guitar that I was commissioned to convert to a Resonator guitar. It might be worth showing how the job was done sometime.











If you are still here, thanks for looking. The last one is built from all plywood, as an experiment, and it worked out well. The guitar before that is all solid timbers.

There are a few others but this will do for now.

Cheers Taff


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  • Thanks for the info Brian.


  • You can resize the pictures & even combine them with whatever editing program or app you have on your computer or device? The posted photos will actually open at a larger size when you click on them? If you have questions about size requirements then email Shane Speal  or Ben Gitty?

  • Hi again. I had another go at posting photos and could not add more than two. I tried putting the text first and then the photos but no joy.

    I'm doing it the way I always have, has anything changed?


  • Hi Ray, regarding your post about posting the Resonator Conversion, I have compiled a presentation but it must be too big to post as it stops accepting photos partway through. I can't find what the size limits are. Posting photos with captions is a bit of a job, so I'll give it a miss for a while. Ray dont send the money

    Cheers Taff

  • Thanks for the resonator pictoral, Taff!

  •  You really do some fine work, Taff. "It might be worth showing how the job was done sometime." I'd pay you for it, Taff. Can't afford to pay much, but I'd pay for that knowledge. Just a thought, - There seems to be less interest here in posting building tips and discussions on building and more in performance videos.  Thanks for what you do, Taffy!

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