Pictured:  Lita Ford and Christopher Ameruoso with their cigar box guitars 

Earlier this month, we posted a rare video of Lita Ford playing a cigar box guitar.  Unfortunately, the video was quickly pulled off the internet.  HOWEVER... We now have an even better live video of Lita playing the blues on her cigar box guitar... and we sat down to interview her all about her new 3-string axe.


Special thanks to Cigar Box Nation member, Christopher Ameruoso for hosting this concert and getting us this video.  

The Lita Ford interview:

Cigar Box Nation:  Whoa!  What is the Goddess of All Metal doing with a 3-string cigar box guitar?  

Lita Ford:  I had to ask myself the same thing. They are one of the most incredible instruments to play. They're very melodic and only having three strings is a bit of a challenge. Loving the slide also. It's so ZZ Top.

Christopher Ameruoso and I usually end up in a full-blown sweat by the time we're done playing cigarbox guitars. 

CBN:  Did you notice a certain freedom or mojo that came with playing a cigar box guitar with only 3 strings?  

Lita:  Playing a cigarbox guitar you feel like you can do no wrong. All the notes seem to work together in a melodic way. Crank the gain on the amp and the volume and you're off and rockin'.

CBN:  You're well known for your use of the B. C. Rich double neck prototype guitar along with Warlocks and other great guitars.  Do you think your three string cigar box guitar will also make its way into your live arsenal or on an album?  

Lita: Funny you should say that I've already been thinking about it. I think it would be a lot of fun for the fans and definitely for the band to pick out a great cover tune or just a good old jam.

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CBN:  The cigar box guitar is traditionally known as a "back porch instrument" that was played for personal enjoyment.  What songs or styles of music do you play at home for your own personal enjoyment? (And are any of them on your cigar box guitar?) 

Lita:  David Gilson made me my own cigarbox guitar which stays on my couch so it's at arms length whenever I feel the urge to play  it. I plug it into either one of Slash's little marshals, a 30 W line 6 is good or those little marshals that clip onto your pants like in school of rock. They kick ass.

What is so funny about [my cigar box guitar] is that David Gilson put a bottle opener next to the back of the guitar so I can plug it in and Open a beer at the same time. Ha ha ha. 

Also I have some beautiful Taylor acoustics that I enjoy playing ,easy Guitars to play at any time of day and for any songs whether you're writing or learning.

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Pictured:  Steve Bertrand, Lita Ford, Christopher Ameruoso, Duilian Arana and Sonia Sanchez.

CBN:  Based on Youtube videos of your latest tour, your guitar chops are more smokin' than ever!  Do you have any secrets for practicing and developing your playing? 

Lita:  I don't practice because I never find the time but been trying to focus on my guitar playing more so now than say last year. We are working on a new album and I want the guitar playing on the new album to be off the charts. Gary Hoey is producing and him and I together are monstrous.

I love you doing this interview on this amazing instrument people are excited about hearing it. Thanks for the interview!

Lita Ford is now on tour in the US, 2016-2017.  See all her tour dates and get updated information at www.LitaFordOnline.com

Thanks Lita!

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