• awesome and sounds great.

    followed the rabbit hole of several more videos from this guy. but he lost me when he started to go mumbo jumbo on me with tree of life and sound therapy...for gods sake cant it be just a pretty instrument and a great sounding one and play music on it? why the need for mysticism?

    now down the locak op shop while looking for boxes i found several wooden bowls going cheap... hang on i got an

    • Yeah the mumbo jumbo voodoo hoodoo lost me too.

      Snap. I went for a scout about looking for bowls today too. Couldn't find anything good though.

    • me either. but i wasnt near my usual haunts today. but i did find a very nice little box at life line.. 8 1/2" by 7 5/8" by 1 15/16"picked it up for $4AUD  bout 2 1/2 quid?

  • Awesome link and yes, these are really cool. Thanks for sharing Fomhorach!

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