Hello, friends!

I’ve bought the pedal “Boss MojoMojo” for my Cigar Box. It is my first time with an Overdrive and I can’t make it work as I would like… Any suggestions with the settings? (Drive, Bass, Treble…)

Thank you so much!

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I have an AER Compact 60. I'd like something like this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVp3eJ8YpJQ), but for the moment I've only got too dirty sound...

I'm going to try that, Thank you so much!

 Erasmo. This is the type of childish posting that should get people banned. 

Perfect! I'll try this! For the moment, I'm checking with the "selector voice" upward. It sounds a lot better. Thank you!

Erasmo is right on about adjusting your amp.

I'll add something to it. If you have volume and tone knobs on your guitar, always set them on 8 before you do the amp settings. This will give an advantage to get more volume or brighter tone when you need it. Something that's not going to happen if they're both on 10 all the time unless you like to walk over to the amp and turn it up frequently.

Great Paul! Thank you so much! 

With a lot of these new analog pedals the guitar volume knob as a lot to do with your over all overdrive. Depending on your pickups output. I would first try it drive at full. Turn your guitar volume down till you get the desired overdrive. Then set the drive at 12:00 or half and try it again. Then at 1/4. Each of these setting along with your guitar's pickup should produce the overdrive effect your looking for. I don't have this pedal so I'm not familiar with the tone controls. Try adjusting them at each different drive settings. 

You can also control the dirt by how hard you play. The softer you play the less distortion. 


Finally, I got it:

Drive (10 o'clock). Bass (11 o'clock), Treble (12 o'clock), Gain (11 o'clock)

And Cigar Box: 

Volume: 4 or 5

Tone: 8


Glad you got it sorted.

Awesome Chuss! Mojo Mojo has some great dynamics and is one of the best overdrives in it's price range. Honestly better than some of the higher priced ones. And there is plenty of over priced junk in guitar equipment. 

This same technique will work on almost any overdrive or distortion pedal. The over all smooth to harsh distortion is based on one of the three types of circuits in use. Using this same technique with a RAT or similar pedal will give you a George Thorogood sound. You can really hear the difference when hitting two notes together or derring chords. 

have fun with it! Hope to hear good things from you soon!


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