I'm selling one or two of my resos (trying to raise funds to buy a side bending machine),

The details, photo, and video, are below, but this guy is an extremely fast player and very loud even unamped (but it does include internal pickup and volume control). It includes a cone cover that began life as the hubcap of a 1961 Falcon.

Will sell for $250 + whatever the shipping comes to (probably around $50). Paypal would be best. You can contact me directly at:


More info available at my website:  Blues Lagoon Reso

here's the video.  Guitar photo is below

Guitar Details

• Scale: 25" scale • 15 frets to the body
• Body Size: 12" wide, 19" long, 4" deep.
• Total Instrument Length: 42"
• Reso Cone: 9.5" Stew Mac resonator biscuit cone (traditional build with tone ring and internal sound posts)
• Cone Cover: 1961 Falcon Hubcap (artistically mutilated)
• Amplification: Internal Piezo Pickup with volume control
• Neck: Mostly oak . . . hand carved and filed to fit my hand. Steel reinforced ala the old Stellas.
• String Height at Zero Fret: 2.5 mm
• String Height at 12: 5mm
• Neck width at zero fret: 1.25"
• Neck Width at body: 1.5"
• Weight: Roughly 1/6th that of my dog (about 7.5 lbs)

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