Found this beautiful red Punch Rare Corojo box and Blonder Tongue UHF converter on my thrift store run this morning. The UHF converter is an almost perfect size for a small practice amp, it doesn't have a speaker in it, it looks like I may be able to squeeze a 4" speaker inside. I'm sure it was produced in the 60's, according to info on the web, the case is bakelite. If it is, can I drill a hole in it with a standard hole saw? It's going to be a great little amp case, I hate to ruin it.

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I think that'll make a great looking little practice amp. What amp are you putting into it?

That could start a whole new conversation! I think I'm going to try the Artec amp from CB Gitty with a gain pot. I'd welcome suggestions and I can always change it later on but I think that amp will do a pretty good job.

Those are good amps. Your biggest decision will be the speaker. I'm sure it'll have to be small and small speakers can be good or terrible. I don't use anything under 6" diameter so I don't know what to recommend.

What are the dimensions of the radio case?

Approximately 8"w x 6"h and probably 5" deep, it's small. I don't have space for a 4" speaker and amp. I have a few good 3" drivers. I'm going to use one of them.

I hope it works out well for you.

Is that Rare Corojo box a thin one, or one of the big square boxes? The reason I ask is because those are very hard to find (usually around $20 on ebay when they do come around and are from the 90's), but make GREAT instruments cause the top is thinner and the sound is always GREAT!  

The top is thinner and overall, the box is much lighter than the new black boxes. It's got a couple scratches on the top, no doubt from getting shifted around on the store shelf, but it should make a great guitar.

Great looking ukes by the way.

Well, this was much ado over nothing! It was pretty easy to drill. I don't think this thing was used much, if at all. The tubes look brand new and the bakelite is pretty flexible, much more so than I though it would be.

You could turn that little tube radio into a tube amp. 

What tubes are in it?

It's not a radio, it's a UHF converter. It has two tubes that I don't recognize, I'd have to look them up, I don't believe they are audio frequency tubes.

Okay. Probably 6 series tubes, some early Fender Champ style amps used that series tubes. Some can be used and some not.

If not, you could easily sell them on ebay to some old radio enthusiast.


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