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  • Thanks folks. It's going to be on a uke, but it will be light. Hopefully nylon won't wear it out. . Thanks again and that picture anonymous is pure art
  • sure  .. almost all  my  swamp witch   guitars  have  a carved and burned  vine  on  the fretboard  ..  if your  guitar  is a slider   you  can do almost anything  . i  have   even  used a    tooled leather  belt as a fret board  . 

    if   you  wish  to   finger  notes   though  ..   keeping     the surface as   flat as  possible  is  best  .   a  light   burn  would work  would a   masked   stain . etc .


  • Think the only thing you'd have to think about is wear and tare on your art. If your going to use the guitar as a fretted instrument instead of slide. Aseptically if you like to bend notes. Touch it up here and there when needed and enjoy your work!

  • Sure you can. Lots of folks have done similar things with fretboards. As long as you don't interfere with fretting or fingering, the sky's the limit. When it comes to inlays, pyrography, woods and materials, about the only limit is your imagination.

  • Without destroying the fretboard of course

  • without destroying the fretboard

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