Howdy Everybody!

I haven't been around in a lonnnnng time. Missed ya'll.

So, to get beck into building, I thought I'd start with a easy canjo. Which I quickly complicated by wanting two strings instead of one, trying a diatonic fret setup instead of the regular chromatic, and not knowing which guitar strings to use....

Anyways... I built this thing and didn't get out to the guitar shop for some strings. I've got 3 string sizes available to me tonight. 0.26, 0.17 and 0.13.

I put 17 and 13 on and I'm not sure how to tune it to make it playable. I've tried tuning to C and E and that doesnt seem right. I'm afraid I'll start breaking strings or putting too much stress on my canjo's poplar neck.

If you had the three strings I mentioned, which two would you use and how do you think you'd tune them?


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