Hello guys.

Last night went to the movies to watch "Pasolini" , and on the way out, in this boring neighborhood of mine, there was not a single bar open, just the local pool hall. Dreadful music, expensive beer and not a female in sight.  What was I  to do? follow the guitar maker instinct and start small talk with the bartender in order to  find out about what is it they do with their damaged cues.

I lucked out and now I have four slightly damaged pool cues waiting to be used as guitar necks.  But I have never done anything of the sort. Only ukelele type small guitars.

Any suggestions?

thank you in advance.  Hugs from Barcelona


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  • the twin pool cue neck is a winner - also doubles up nicely a a weapon in a bar fight lol

  • depending on the  wood  ..  it sounds  safe as  4   one string  diddly-bows  to  me    regardless.

     any more  strings , and   i'd double  the  cues and  make  2  2   or   2  3    stringers  etc  . 

    a hose  clamp  will  make a  nice  diddly   nut  for  ya , even  has a  groove  in  it  . 

    other nut  applications  like this,    for more   strings,  are  handy too. maybe 2  center  holes  tho  , for 2   cues .



    • Good idea.  I think  I will put two of them together, one fretted and the other unfretted. Two of them have the same pattern,  the third one is a beauty;  all chocolate brown and smooth, broken at the tip, but that does not matter  for me.  That one will do a pretty diddley bow.

      Will check on the hose clamp. Thank you.

    • 306429843?profile=originalWhy not try it a coupla' times.

      (3/4" oak dowels)

      • That is a single neck/ twin neck  double neck. hehehe.  Triplette 

        That box looks sweet. I love it when they come without paper. Found a box of Don Julian no 5 the other time and made a four stringer that sounds like a banjo.

        Thank you. Have a nice weekend.


      • sure  , and  one  more   for the   nut end 

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