Can anyone tell me their experience with the best pick up for License plate guitars?

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I mostly use those chrome single coil pups with round ends. Makes it pretty easy to install by drilling holes for either end, then removing the metal between the holes with a sabre saw, then filing til its a nice fit. Piezo disks can work but I don't like the sound as much. But with the disk you don't have to cut any metal. Here's an example with the single coil:

Really no options, preference more than anything, any pickup will do? members are using both piezo & magnetic pickups with good results? Cheers 

Ok here's my experience so far. I have 3 with similar construction. All made with piezo's due to advice regarding cutting the plates. I got mixed results from all three. The thing is they are all different metals & therefore resonate different. The '56 is steel, the '65 Aluminium & the '02 some sort of alu/tin alloy. The '56 resonates best but has a deep "booming" ambience which I didn't like. I am shortly replacing the piezo with a magnetic dual rail single coil/humbucker with 2 way switch therefore cutting into the plate and to hell with it. The '65 sounded banjo-ish & now sports a full blown humbucker from a 6 string scrap guitar. This LPG now sounds great on any setting. The '02 sounds like mush & I've yet to sort it out but considering making a stand-alone pre-amp for all my piezo-equiped gits & then trying it through that. Hope this all helps in some way. 

Yes, I wouldn’t run a piezo without a preamp, they’re just to sterile without. Don’t forget you can change the tone peaks of the pickups response by experimenting with different capacitors as well as your amps settings. Cheers 

Sounds like good advice Brian thank you. I forgot to say that they all sound good acoustically but the steel plate beats the others hands down & sounds old school. If I was to make any more i'd certainly source older steel plates.

The first one I made with a single coil sized rail humbucker and it was a pain in the butt. The next 3 with MGB mini box buckers. It's so much easier not to have to cut the plate, box and neck.  : )

More good advice thank you Korrigan. In my case no option now :)     ~~~ Robbie sorry didn't mean to hi-jack this post but I hope you find the info valuable

I found all this information very valuable. I too, hate the thought of cutting into a plate for a pick up. MGB Mini Box buckers I have to look up. Which I don't see in the cb gitty lineup. thanks a million everyone. I think I'll be going with magnetic pick up.

Wow never knew ! Thank you!

Robbie, no need to cut the plate for a pup, just mount it UNDER the plate, barely touching and you can pick and chose to suit, it will pick up string and plate vibrations very well, and much more adjustable than a pup through the plate

Something new again! Thank you for the idea!


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