I've been tweaking my live cigar box guitar sound for many years.  Today, I filmed a live video Q&A with the folks over at Cigar Box Nation TV and went through each pedal, one at a time. 

I've also listed every pedal with a labeled picture below the video.  Happy jamming!

HERE'S THE PEDALBOARD.  Each pedal labled below.


  1. Pitchfork Polyphonic Octave by Electro Harmonix
  2. ancient 1980's Arion chorus
  3. Ibanez Sound Tank Auto Wah
  4. Ibanez Delay Chorus
  5. Hardwire Delay Looper
  6. BBE Sonic Stomp Sonic Maximizer
  7. Mod Tone tuner


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  • AWESOME! Great demonstration on how to sound larger than life with just one guitar. 

    First I'd like to say I totally agree about tube amps. Keep them at home. I own one. A small all tube Fender. I also have a Mesa Boogie V-twin tube overdrive. They both stay at home. I cary around a Marshall Valvestate. It's got two preamp tubes. But they'er useless and will never need changing. Tube amps. Every three to four months and you have to replace the power tubes. Both expensive and a pain in the backside.

    I've found piezos will work thew delay and reverb pedals. I use a Boss DD-6 and a TC Electronics 'Hall of Fame'. A Boss GE-7 graphic equalizer is a great way to add bottom end and mids to round out your sound. With just the delay and reverb you can make a piezo larger than life. 

    Have not found a distortion pedal that wont add that annoying background squeal. I have a Voodoo Labs 'Sparkle Drive. It's a tubescreamer clone with a mix knob. You can go from light to full on the screamer. And mix it in to any amount of clean you want. From none at all, clean with distortion to nothing but distortion. Even at it's lowest settings i can still hear that annoying squeal in the background. 

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