Oil can construction

I've seen some oil can builds where they made an opening in the back so they had access to the interior. I would prefer not to to do this. Has as anyone done it without the back cutout? Any feed back would be welcome. Also how did you attach the neck.Thanks all.

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  • This gentleman did a series of 10 videos ten years back showing his process for making an oil can banjo (without cutting a window in the back)


    This is the 3rd video (first 2 is getting the bits together). I have not tried to add a clickable link because this site is having problems showing pictures and videos at the moment so you will need to cut and paste the link into your browser. You will need to keep returning to his YouTube page for the next video (click on his name below the video next to subscribe and on the page showing all his videos scroll about halfway down to “how to make a gas can banjo” 1 through to 10).

    Not made one myself but from putting together guitars I would suggest if you want a lower string height you need to angle the neck backwards to bring the strings lower along the fretboard (like a Les Paul guitar) or mount the neck with the fretboard higher than the face of the can soundboard (like on a Stratocaster). If it is for only slide then not a problem to do as per video.

    Good luck :0)
    • Thanks. A lot of good information.

  • Hopefully someone who has built them will answer. So is it acoustic only, or are you going to add a piezo, or something else?

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