oil can build

so I having finished my first licence plate build I am now moving onto my first oil can build using an engine/motor oil can.  this is going to be a trial run before I work on one for a very patient and understanding customer.  he would like me to use part from a broken 6 string electric of his including the humbucker pickups.  my first two questions.  

I know to access the inside the best way is to cut the bottom off the can how is it best to reattach this? I currently have in mind to then make a frame around the inside to attach the bottom back on.

are there any electronic issues I should be aware of when trying to fit two pickups inside? this I fear is going to be the hardest part due to low access from only one angle.

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  • ok guys been quite a while.  I have ended up building both since I last posted! the red one was a 'rough and ready' practice without any pickup so i had minimal cutting.  the second I removed the base completely, glued in a timber frame and screwed it back on.  doesn't add too much weight and I am pleased with the result I hope the customer will be too!




  • thanks for the advice so far guys I will let you know how it goes.  life got a bit hectic round here recently, only manage to get as far as glueing the neck and fretboard and planing it down after at the moment.  haven't done more than mark out the can yet!

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