So here's the thing, I have this cool idea with the neck of my guitar not running down the middle of the box. Instead, if you're looking at it from a birds eye view, the neck of the CBG will run down the box way more pushed over to the left side. Then on the right side, I intend to put a larger two or three inch sound hole. There will be transducer pickups inside it so I can plug it into an amp, but my question is if the acoustic sound quality will be diminished by the neck being pushed off to the side like that when it's not plugged in?

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Hi Aidan, yes with all other things being correct. This I would think will also put the bridge on the side of the soundboard/top too. Not the ideal location for effectively driving the top to vibrate. You can still put the sound hole to one side, but the bridge does its best work in the most f active part of the soundboard. Sound hole size is also important to tone and volume.


The beauty of CBG building is that "there are no rules" and you can try anything you want. One member of the board, Wayfinder, built a really cool guitar with the neck running diagonally from the left to the right side of the box. It came out looking fantastic.


Have at it and show us the results.

Hi again, I agree with the no rules thing, but I would think that applies to any musical instrument, not just cbgs. There are luthiers pushing the boundaries all the time, but there are guidelines [if one doesn't like word rules] that they would also follow if their goal is to also have good sounding and playable instrument, as well as following their creative ideas. 

I like to build CBG's due to the creative freedom it allows, and the fact that failures are not expensive.

I was answering Aydan's question as related to bridge position on a soundboard. As mentioned many times by builders there's a sweet spot, and there's a not so sweet spot.

I often move the goal posts, but it can sometimes make it harder to score a goal....but that's part of the fun, and a learning opportunity.

Cheer Taff

This uke turned out nice I think, it sounds great in my opinion (slightly biased!) who knows how different it would sound centered though. 

Hey Kigar, build another one with the bridge in the middle and let us know, ha ha. I dought much difference would be noticed.


That's how I build mine I don't find any difference between the two but I fine it looks nicer and feels better to play in my opinion.looking good .


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