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OEDE - ONE MANS TRASH on RED WAX ltd to 200 ex !


"I get really inspired by sonic outcasts, weirdos and freakazoids, because when they make music, no fucking rules can imprision their vision! OEDE is a one man band from Norway, and he creates his own brand of awesome music that would be almost impossible to peg down. His new EP, entitled One Man’s Trash, will be out early May via Holy Terror Records. Unholy hell, this record is a huge excerise in creativity that is ultra intense and has the bright sun of a southern swamp shining through. OEDE is a crazed voodoo priest trapped in a Nordic body – when you listen to One Man’s Trash a couple of times, it will all make sense to you. He knows how to cook up his own audio discord that is seasoned with cyco blues and black noise. On the opening track, “Stille Stille,” he lays down this demented dirty Cajun riff with a demonic voice floating on top of putrid groove. Just as OEDE knows how to work subversive melody into his song structure, he knows how to torment your braincells with noise! Take his song “8063″ for instance – it’s layers of feedback at war with chaotic distortion, but even under that you hear his tweaked voice with emotive guitar. When I listen to One Man’s Trash, I know I’m playing a very special record that might not be understood the way it should be. I really hope I’m wrong, because honestly, it should end up on some end of the year lists. This dude has an amazing voice that sounds like 1000 demons puking at the same time. OEDE shows he has the ability to shatter what we might consider normal and allow his influences to speak in many different tongues while speaking with one voice! You feel the cold bite of his sound when the blackened noise starts to rip off your face. That all changes with the last song, “Under Creole Skies,” that will awaken spirits in your mind that you never knew existed. One Man’s Trash is another human’s sonic glory – thanks OEDE for having the courage to create such an awesome record!" - CVLTNATION

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