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Hi all, it's Shane Speal.  I wanted to give you guys an update about the latest changes for Nation 3.0.  This is especially for the 'old guard' members who have taken such good care of Nation 2.0, even with all its glitches and problems.

  1. Troubles logging in?  Email me directly at and I'll put in a support ticket with the web provider.  You might have to reset your password.  As we migrated from the old to new, there were a few hiccups.
  2. You requested that we bring back Forum topics.  I discussed this with our servers and unfortunately, this design is gone in 3.0.  I'll see what I can do to bring some sort of organization back.
  3. Speaking of organization, I've been going through the GROUPS section to clean things up.  Our groups are now divided into four categories: Building, Playing, Meet-Ups and Sell & Swap.  
  4. I'm spending a lot of time eliminating so much redundancy with GROUPS and other features.  With 16 years of content, there's stuff scattered everywhere.  Any new groups must be approved by admins.
  5. Blogs are now for Admin use only. (In its old setup, people were posting the same content in Blogs as the Forum.)  I'll be moving our free plans and other articles over there.  Old blogs might be reposted into forum posts. Still not sure...

So what's for the future?  

  • Things are still slow in here, but I'm still working on the re-organization.  Eventually, we're going to promote Nation 3.0 through the Gitty email, Youtube and all our social media.  Look for lots of new faces when that happens.
  • We're going to be encouraging more meet-ups with Cigar Box Nation members.  I just hosted Cigar Box Nation: Central PA last week and it was a BLAST!  There were 20 builders who gathered, geeked out over each others' instruments, gave building secrets and jammed a little.  It's the missing element in the cigar box guitar movement.
  • More building contests and fun stuff

One more thing:  I want to personally thank BrianQ for constantly seeding content into this ol' website, even on the slowest days.  As I clean up the groups, I'm seeing so much good stuff that you've posted over the years, just to spur conversation.  Brian, thank you!

Feel free to comment below on tips, ideas and who's buying the next round.  🍺



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  • Hey Shane, one thing I noticed was that since the "Chat box" is now on the right instead of the left, it's covering the "Report an Issue" tab? 

  • What a man! wink

    •  So special...

  • Took me one visit to get used to the changes, not rocket science?

  • Hi, as Tim mentioned the last post is at the the top of the page, so thats where I go when following  athread. However it seams strange to have the indicator to turn the page at the end of the list of posts, but last post is at the begining. Could one be lead to think that the post at the top, thats been there for a month. is the last one not knowing that page to is now being used, and is continuing the thread? unless you go to the bottom to check. But I may have this all wrong.


    • I just changed the settings to make comments grouped in threads.  Is this better?

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    • its not all bad, i dont like that the replies to a post are in reverse order. With original replies at the bottom and newer at the top. it just seems wrong. I have to scroll to the bottom and then read up to the newer posts to keep it in chronological order. 

      It is also hard to see the new posts at a glance i have to check the dates on posts and try to remember when i was last reading.

      At least we no longer have to change to html to 

      • I just changed the settings to make comments grouped in threads.  Is this better?

  • The site is much improved. Looking forward to seeing it continue to progress into the future.

    Thanks for remaining the undisputed King of the CBG movement. 👑


  • Yep, BrianQ & Taff  have been holding down the fort.  

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