Hi, some time ago I built a 4x2 bass, it's called a stick bass. Photos should help tell the story. It is free-standing so the bass player would just walk over and play, standing or sitting.

It sounded like a mic'ed-up acoustic bass.

New guinea Rosewood 4x2 starts to change shape, the start of a Stick Bass.12621578686?profile=RESIZE_710x


More carving, playing it by ear now as there are no plans to follow.



A Five-string bass so 5 tuner holes are required, small holes in the front and larger holes in the back.



The fingerboard is shaped and glued to the neck. No frets as it’s a stand-up acoustic/electric bass.12621581061?profile=RESIZE_710x


An electric bass bridge is converted to an electric/acoustic system. Piezo strip is fitted as well as an internal preamp.



A bone saddle is used.




Showing the tuners fitted and peghead profile.


The bass is self-standing on a modified cymbal stand.



This shows how the bass is mounted.


This shows how the bass is mounted.

Sorry about the bad photography.

Cheers Taff

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  • Very cool, Taff!  


  • Hi Tim, very observant of you, yes that is exactly what it is for.

    Cheers taff

  • nice work as usual there Taff.. is that wing nut on the bottom so you can mount a spike insteadof using the cymbol stand?


This reply was deleted.