My new creation is coming along well ,using experience gained from No.1.I opted for a different tuning…why have only two guitars and tuned the same?Other than that I don’t have enough time in grade to know why,just seems a good idea ,so I opted for open D - D,F#,A,, my playing is progressing, Midnite Special,I know it,and can play it right …sometimes,a song I worked out of my own,my words too that’s abluesey song that I think is cool but needs some work,I’m also learning to read music and is a cool way to excercise brain cells ,so this is a cool trip thanks for the help! Heres some’s longer than No.1,with 21 frets and a 25 inch scale and little fancier woodwork,the neck is cherry and mohogany and the fret board is Wenge I’m wiring in the piezos and such tonight ,then the strings,just thought I’d share.

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