Latest build.....

'Allo guys...

First, I learned the flat pencil trick, and tried filing a nut. Worked out not too bad at all.

So...the build it was for. I don't think I posted this pic, if I have, sorry. I don't remember what I had for breakfast.

It actually is not 100% done, but about 98%/ I missed a couple screw holes on the back, and I need to clean up the round over, because I'm leaving that bare, so it sort of looks like binding.

This is NOT a direct copy of the MGB product, I looked around and found a parlor line drawing, made vector file out of it, moved some things, and added the F-holes and tattoo.

Action is high right now because my intention is to practice slide on it, I don't have that skill yet. It is deceptively large, close to the size of a regular electric guitar. Scale is 24", but overall it's right about 39 inches long. Front/back is 1/8 birch plywood, body 'core' is two pieces (stacked) Doug fir, 1" thick each, and glued together, with a center bar like a CBG, except it's not neck-thru, the neck bolts on like a uke.

4-string, open G. Pup is an MGB 'flatbucker' surface mount. Plenty of volume, sounds somewhat uke/banjo-ish. What's cool, is that when I run it through my Line6 POD with fuzz, chorus, and significant volume and drive, it sounds just like a solid body geet, WAY out of character for how it looks.

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  • Hey James, ya got to be happy with that, well done. If it gives you all that you want it's a winner.

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