Internal Neck bracing for electric

Building my first 4 string electric now. I have some old P-bass pickups - the poles almost line up. Band-sawed a nice piece of African Mahogany into neck with headstock tilt. The problem - can't use the same old "neck-through-box" mindset. The pickup protrudes so far into the box that I have to terminate it about 3 inches from ingress point. Does anyone have any pics of internal bracing for something like this?. Keeping in mind that I don't want to fill the entire box with a slab of wood. thanks guys PS - I brought one of the CBG's I build to the Cigar Store I get my boxes from. The guy wants me to build a few for him to sell in the store. Problem is... 1) I'm having too much fun playing 'em..each one has flava 2) I think mass production would take the fun out of it.

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