I'm sorta just trying to wrap my brain around this, haven't really sold any instruments yet ( well, there was that one Star Wars Canjo for $4 ... but still.. that was random and at a swap meet the other week )

I'm putting together some 2-string 15" guitars ( not CBG or cookie tin, actually hardboard body ... ) and canjos and cookie tin guitars and maybe even a few CBG, and I'm just not 100% what to price these things out..

Even the lil 2 string jobbers are going to take a good 45 mins to an hour each from start to finish, yet somehow I got it in my head that they won't sell for more than ... $10? $15 maybe on a good day... They're about $5 in materials ... 

I have this Cajun Festival coming up on Saturday the 26th in Pleasant Grove, Utah that my gal and i got in for a 10x10 booth.. She's gotten into bath bombs and I am making soap and these instruments. . . 

Should be fun no matter what, just curious what other's experience is, what maybe I can consider or try.. We're probably gonna get into other festivals and farmer's markets and whatnot, already applying for a few other dates coming up the next several months.

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