• I just saw 2 of these at Mid Michigan Music on Main Street in Midland. Very nice. They also had a 6-string Diddly Bo. They were in the back with acoustic guitars. Maybe they should have had an amp next to them. Very cool pieces though!

    • Thank you Hilo,I appreciate the nice comment. Next time you are up this way, look us up for a cbg jam.. :>)

  • I enjoyed your article and video, now i know where Downtown Vinnie gets his Cigar Box Guitar fever, he's already made two and has another half dozen hanging on the wall, each producing a different sound, he has been bitten by the bug, at three in the morning where do i find him? out in the garage, sanding and building another one, he's possessed, just like you three look, you have that look in the eye just like him, i just started playing a three string and adapting to the cbg from playing a regular guitar has been challenging for me, but i keep on, thanks for the info. ¬†SmartyPants196

    • Thanks SmartyPants..¬† :>)

  • Thanks for share this link with us Jason

    • Thanks Robert...

  • That is awesome Jason!! Congratulations! I wish you continued success.


    • Thanks Bruce!!

  • Hey Highwood guitars- I just want to say My Highwood Rocks and I couldnt be more satisified with it. The custom work is absolutely unparralleled- you gave me just what I wanted and more- To Jason mills and Keven Collier- Thank you for my new toy- and ROCK ON! - I just hope I dont have to wait for my next request now that the rest of the world knows! Thanks Guys!

  • Thank you everyone for the nice comments and well wishes!!!!!!!

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